Since Attorney Brennan has significant experience as both a utility attorney and a private practitioner, she is uniquely adept to offer her knowledge to others as an instructor of the legal profession. Though her teaching experience has traditionally fallen within the real estate realm, she is open to instructing courses focusing on a variety of legal topics.

For example, Brennan is a certified instructor for the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), a trade association of real estate professionals. The organization is made up of engineers, surveyors, attorneys, real estate and right of way agents and relocation specialists, all of which are happy to learn from Brennan’s diverse legal experience. In this setting, she has taught real estate law, land titles, legal aspects of easements and eminent domain law, as well as ethics courses.

Furthermore, Brennan has also presented topics on zoning, easements, leases and deeds at various roundtables at IRWA meetings throughout Pennsylvania. In addition to her home state, Brennan has taught in New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia and Nebraska.

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute and the National Business Institute have both benefited from Brennan’s knowledge. Attorney Brennan has participated as faculty and contributing author in various real estate-related courses, such as assessment law in Pennsylvania, issues in title law and ethical considerations in real estate transactions. Vintage Real Estate Academy in Hazleton, PA, has used Brennan’s teaching services, as well. This school specializes in assisting candidates to take the Pennsylvania real estate agents and brokers license exams.

Corporate America also gains from Attorney Brennan and the wealth of her skill sets. Many companies engage with their employees through on-site training programs tailored to the company’s needs. Brennan designs these courses in the areas of real estate, easements and rights of way. Verizon and PPL Electric Utilities required instruction, but their needs as utility providers were different from Landmark Field Services, which needed assistance training their employees on Pennsylvania law related to pipeline easements in the Marcellus Shale regions of the state. She has also instructed eminent domain courses for PennDOT personnel on several occasions.

No matter where you are located, contact Brennan today if you need a course planned or someone to instruct one already created.