Attorney Theresa Milore Brennan has the experience and the knowledge behind her that you need to be properly represented.

Attorney Theresa Milore Brennan - Brennan Legal

Attorney Brennan has been successfully honing her skill set to handle a variety of complex legal matters since 1989. Based in Northeastern, Pennsylvania but able to travel throughout the United States, her legal specialty is real estate law, including land acquisition and easement negotiation, particularly utility realty. Attorney Brennan can help you solve any of the legal issues you may have in these types of matters. Before opening her own practice, she worked as senior counsel for Pennsylvania Power & Light, now known as PPL Electric Utilities Corporation, a Fortune 400 energy company. This position left her with invaluable experience on the subject of utility realty (e.g. easements and rights of way, eminent domain, encroachments, vegetation management, zoning and land use, tax assessment appeals, etc.).

Much of Attorney Brennan’s work has been transactional in nature and spans other areas of the law, including the negotiation of stock and asset purchase agreements, the transfer of thousands of acres of industrial real estate, rail transportation agreements, coal purchase agreements, real estate agreements, medical device OEM agreements, commercial leases and other commercial and real estate transactions.

Attorney Brennan’s background with utility real estate matters has provided her with the expertise to satisfy any easement and right of way topic, eminent domain matter, and/or commercial and industrial tax assessment appeal. Her utility background has allowed her to work closely with others in the right of way field across the country.  One of her colleagues recommended her to be appointed as the Vice Chair of the International Ethics Committee of the International Right of Way Association, to which she was appointed in 2009.  She exhibited exceptional leadership skills and was appointed chair of that committee in 2012. This position has given her access to a network of professionals across the U.S. and Canada, which in turn enables her to serve her clients in unparalleled ways.

She also has experience with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn DOT) right of way issues, both on behalf of Penn DOT and the property owner.