The Brennan Legal Services staff is here to use their wisdom and intelligence to provide you with the best possible legal care. They offer services not found anywhere else in the Hazleton area and work tirelessly to gain their client’s trust and then perform beyond their expectations. In this light, they are able to zero in on several aspects of the law. Their focus at this time is primarily supporting the needs of business clients throughout Pennsylvania regarding real estate and land acquisition matters.

Their legal efforts also tend to center around transactional work, as opposed to litigation. However, they have partnered with a litigation firm to serve their clients’ needs when the situation arises. This comes at no extra cost to the client. This firm will handle things like preparing the pleadings, taking depositions and litigating real estate issues, but Brennan will have full input at every stage of the process.

They have the knowledge, skill and ability to meet the needs of all of your legal concerns. Providing their clients with pertinent guidance and advice and, if necessary, bringing in their litigation partners to assess any potential lawsuit (either filed by or against you), is simply what they do on a daily basis.