real estate attorney abstracting zoningFrom abstracting to zoning, Brennan Legal Services has all of your legal real estate needs covered. Attorney Brennan has worked for PPL Electric Utilities Corporation both as in-house legal counsel and as outside counsel. She gained an immeasurable amount of experience handling utility and private realty concerns (such as eminent domain, encroachments, vegetation management and easements and rights of way, as well as purchases and sales, leases, zoning and land development matters). We also have a network of real estate professionals that we work with (including appraisers, surveyors and title companies), ensuring all your needs are satisfied.

Choosing to hire a real estate lawyer like Attorney Brennan, who has the ability to represent both landowners and condemning agencies, would aid any corridor-developing company or private property owner. Attorney Brennan has handled issues on both sides of the table and can bridge the gap between conflict and solution, minimizing lengthy and expensive litigation. She can create agreements of sale, negotiate easement agreements, prepare all documents dealing with closing including settlement sheets and coordinate the payment of all closing costs.

It is imperative to enlist the services of an experienced real estate attorney as early on in the transaction as possible. If you unintentionally make a mistake, even in something simple such as errors in facts or figures, the results could be devastating.

At Brennan Legal Services, our top priority is ensuring your real estate transaction carries out smoothly and efficiently. Tackling any potential problems and always making sure that your property and contract rights are protected is what we do best.

Though Attorney Brennan is located in Pennsylvania, where she is licensed to practice law, she is also available to consult on right of way and related issues regardless of your location.